Samaritan reaches 50,000 member households!


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Samaritan has reached 50,000 member households today! Woohoo! This ministry is growing by leaps and bounds, and it looks like this could be another very busy open enrollment season with people getting their new premium increases and choosing to do something different. I have been hearing so many stories across the internet about people getting insurance letters to re-enroll in their insurance plan and “oh by the way” the rate has gone up 30-50%. I am amazed at what people are being asked to pay for insurance premiums, some of them well over $2000 for a family with a huge deductible. Who can do that? And how is that considered affordable?

Samaritan shared about $14 million in needs last month, there are a LOT of happy households who are getting their medical bills shared and not being stuck with huge deductibles or premiums. I’m excited to be able to share this great ministry with others and look forward to even larger growth during the coming months.


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