Another Share Reduction and $37 sinus infection


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I was surprised this month to see that our share for July will be reduced by 6%. That’s wonderful news! There were fewer needs than money available so we all get to pay less. It’s a wonderful advantage of this sharing ministry, Samaritan is the only one which will reduce the amount we need to pay if the money isn’t needed.  I know my insurance company never did that.

Washington is creating a very uncertain landscape for healthcare in this country. I am once again very thankful for our Samaritan membership as we are largely removed from those concerns and the chaos it creates. Samaritan members pay very little for excellent protection from life’s big medical expenses. We carry our load by paying for our small costs and try to live a healthy lifestyle for the betterment of ourselves and the members. If a big medical need happens we are supported.

We didn’t have a big need this month, but a couple of simple sinus infections appeared in our house, so we needed some antibiotic prescriptions. Finding a way to handle that cheaply was my goal. I turned to my go-to drug cost app, goodrx, and the cost was $12 and $11 each (one for each sick person). I saved a little by using the app that I love, and the net result was LOWER than the generic drug copay offered by my former insurance plan.  The pharmacy took my “coupon” with no issues and I save money. For simple health issues like a sinus infection you can get a prescription issued by a doctor over the phone using Samaritan’s $25 tele-health option through the dashboard. So all in a Samaritan member could pay $25 plus $12 ($37 total) to get a sinus infection cleared up (depending on the drug cost in your area). That is VERY cheap and efficient if you don’t want to spend time or expense in the doctor’s office. And it’s cheaper (all-in!) than my old office visit copay! Many insurance plans today would have applied that doctor visit to a huge deductible leaving us with a big bill if I hadn’t met the deductible yet, and charged us more for the medications, too. Members are saving money all the way around through the resources that Samaritan makes available through its online dashboard. LOVE this ministry! Tele-health is becoming more and more popular, I highly recommend it if you are in a non-emergency situation.

If you’re looking for a peaceful, simple and affordable solution to the health care chaos, take a look at Samaritan Ministries.


Connect to other members in the dashboard


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Samaritan members have a way to connect to other members inside their online membership dashboard. It’s called Member Connect, and it’s basically a private forum for members to discuss a variety of topics regarding their membership including general membership discussions, health and nutrition, medical providers, medical issues, and prayer requests. It’s a great resource for those who are looking for a way to get questions answered from other members. I’ve gone through several of the threads are members responses are very helpful with the different experiences they’ve had, suggestions, medical resources, tips and advice, and even just “what do you think about this?” kind of topics. It’s not a giant forum yet as it’s relatively new, but I expect that it will grow significantly.

I love forums and have a feeling I’ll be bouncing into that one a lot. 🙂 Thank you Samaritan Ministries!

Samaritan is our Rock


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With a new administration in Washington and the fate of Obamacare changing daily, I’m so happy to know we have Samaritan as our steady foundation for our family’s health care needs. We are largely insulated from the tumult that the ACA is giving people. I feel terrible for those who are being hit with high premium and deductible increases or who are even facing the loss of their coverage with providers pulling out of states. The uncertainties surrounding insurance right now is devastating for so many.

If you are in the awful predicament of having unreliable insurance options, please give health care sharing ministries a serious review. These ministries are providing an even better option than insurance for hundreds of thousands of people. If you’re already a member, tell your friends! The top 3 ministries aren’t small anymore. Samaritan is sharing over $24 million a month in needs for 225,000+ members. That’s a huge support system for those who wonder how and if it really works. The ministries have been around for decades demonstrating their stability and staying power. Members are happy, even joyful. Once upon a time the ministries used to be a best kept secret, but now it’s not hard to find someone who has either heard of one or knows someone who is a member of one.  They’re becoming quite popular and for good reason. Samaritan is affordable, logical, biblical, and fulfilling a ministry mission to bear one another’s burdens in the name of Christ. Members are happy, getting the health care they need, and not having to break the bank to do it.

For many of us now it’s no longer a case of, “is this a good idea”; it’s now a matter of “can we afford not to” and “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

I pray for the continued success of the ministries, that God will put Samaritan on the hearts of those who need something better, and for the entire health care world to bring costs under control.

Feel free to browse through this site for more information or click here to get an info packet from Samaritan.