Online Sharing Now Available


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Samaritan recently rolled out a new option for members to send their shares online through Paypal. This is a feature many have asked for so I’m glad to see it becoming available. There are some details to know as part of this new offering:


  • Members must create a link which must be entered into their Samaritan dashboard settings so that sharing will work
  • Members must go into their Samaritan dashboard and update their settings to be able to accept shares through Paypal. You can do this now through


  • To avoid unnecessary fees when using PayPal.Me, Samaritan recommends
    • Using a “Personal” PayPal.Me account, not “business”
    • Sending money to “Friends and “Family”, not for “goods and services”
    • Connecting your bank account to your PayPal account, not a debit or credit card
  • Members would log into their Samaritan dashboard (online account) and see if Paypal sending is an option for that need. If the recipient isn’t set up for online sharing yet then you would still send a check in the mail. Over time more and more members will choose the online option and I expect it to become quite popular, however, members are not required to receive shares electronically if they are not comfortable doing so.
  • Members can send an electronic note along with their share, or still send a card in the mail.

Thank you to Samaritan for continuing to advance the ministry and make things easy for the members.


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