You Can Avoid Obamacare Nightmares with a Samaritan Membership


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The media loves bad news, so the trainwreck that is Obamacare is getting a lot of press lately. Especially with the looming signup deadline of Mar 31 coming fast. I have read several articles about people who are stuck; either stuck with huge medical bills or stuck trying to change policies, or stuck in the website and unable to move forward (apparently the site is better, but still broken).

I know that membership in Samaritan Ministries isn’t for everyone, but for the people who are now facing huge medical bills from accidents and sudden heart attacks that I have read about, I can’t help but wish they had known about a healthcare sharing ministry. Had they been members those bills would be shared and not a burden for them. I have so much sympathy for the people who are caught in this mess, and I fervently pray that a good solution will appear for them. The man in Las Vegas who signed up for insurance, but now the company won’t pay (sticking him with $407,000) and the poor minister who lost his policy, signed up for a new one, but had an accident in between those dates and is now on the hook for about $100,000; both of them could have been helped by being a Samaritan member. I wish they were.

No matter where you are, or what your situation, I hope you will look at what Samaritan (or other healthcare sharing ministry) has to offer. Maybe it’s a fit for you, maybe not. But I want people to know they have other options and the situation can be improved. I remember that desperate feeling when we got our insurance cancellation and seeing what our new rate plan was. It was dreadful. If we had a major medical expense on top of that I don’t know how I’d handle it.

From what I read in the news a huge percentage of people still aren’t even aware of the March 31 deadline. There’s going to be a lot of grief and anger in the months following when the truth is learned that they can’t signup for Obamacare plans again until mid November of 2014. Fortunately you can join Samaritan anytime. If you have a gap in “coverage” less than 3 months of the year there’s no penalty. If your gap is bigger than that, then you only pay the penalty for the months you had nothing. Qualifying “coverage” includes an insurance company plan or membership in an exempted healthcare sharing ministry (like Samaritan). So if you’re not on an insurance policy, join Samaritan and avoid the IRS penalty (or at least most of it, depending on how long you have a gap).

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