Why Members Love Samaritan Ministries


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“I have been so blessed by the personal cards and notes of encouragement by the members helping me in my time of need. I think the best part of Samaritan is the way members address both financial and spiritual needs in a personal way. The prayers from the Samaritan staff and the members create an atmosphere of care and love that not only helped me, but also my entire family.” – Brandon in Iowa

“We are just so thankful for Samaritan Ministries! We are now able to choose our doctors! That was never possible in the past when we had insurance network restrictions. We pray that Samaritan will grow and grow nationwide.” – Jim and Kris in California

“Joyce and I are very thankful for Samaritan. Because of the faithfulness of both ministry team and members in the past, we had complete confidence that our need would be met. We saw God’s provision and timing in an amazing way. We talked with the hospital and our $32,000 bill was reduced to a reasonable $4500. An 85% discount. Yay God!” – Rick in Colorado

“We have loved being a part of SMI for the past few years. Sending out our monthly checks to other brothers and sisters in need – instead of an insurance company – has been such a rewarding experience in and of itself! Then, we had our first need arise with the maternity cost of our third child. I wondered how the need process would compare with our past expenses for childbirth. However, there has been no comparison! We have been extremely blessed by the ease of working with the SMI staff, as well as by each note and check received from our fellow members! Our family is so thankful for this health care sharing ministry.” – Bryan and Amy in California

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