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I have been a fan of for a long time, but I was recently introduced to two more online options we can use. After playing with all three sites for a while I learned that they could easily be used together to find the best deals, because for some reason not all produce exactly the same pricing results.

One thing I’ve been unable to do with goodrx was easily see what my small town local pharmacy would charge me. Goodrx always gave me a range, but it was still a surprise if I ever purchased from that small pharmacy (it’s part of the usave group in a very small town nearby). Sometimes it was much easier and more convenient to use that small pharmacy and just pay a little extra.

With these two new options I found, I am now able to see what my local pharmacy would charge using their free cards. I haven’t needed to actually use these other services yet, our family just doesn’t take that many medications, but it’s so nice to know a real number and not have to guess about what I’ll pay. Sometimes those extra dollars matter. Thanks to the internet looking for prices on prescriptions is quick and painless (usually), and using 3 sites instead of one just takes a few more seconds. In some cases those few seconds could save enough for a meal out on the town, or extra grocery money. I think it’s worth it.

The two new sites are and Lowest Med is the most similar to goodrx because you don’t have to join the site to get the results. OneRx makes you sign up (still free) to get the codes you need to show your pharmacist. But both of them showed me what my tiny pharmacy will charge. I will update this once I’ve had a chance to use them in practice and see how accurate they are. I don’t anticipate any major problems, though. It looks like will also show you coupons if you sign up which can be stacked along with any insurance coverage you have. As a Samaritan member that doesn’t apply to me, but for anyone reading this who still has insurance for a while that may be beneficial to you.

Happy hunting!

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