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This blog has been getting a lot of great questions and comments lately, it’s wonderful to see. I love helping people make their decisions about health care sharing ministries and whether it’s a good fit for their needs. Sometimes I check in with the main office to confirm that I’m passing on correct information. Each time I am awed by the incredible support and caring in the person on the other end of the line. You can tell that Samaritan really wants to help their members.

I am struck by the stark contrast to the insurance industry. Even insurance company recorded messages are a slap in the face. “Exact benefits cannot be determined until a claim is filed.” Seriously, they won’t help you find out if something is covered until after you’re on the hook. (How are you supposed to make an informed decision if they flat out refuse to help?) And you can bet during that time they are looking for every possible loophole so they don’t have to pay. The “Insuracare” clips from the movie “Mr Incredible” aren’t far off, based on past experiences I’m quite sure they try to deny as many claims as they can.

Samaritan on the other hand goes out of their way to make sure members get the help they need. The guidelines are clear and easy to understand and there for anyone to read. They don’t need a translator. If a need doesn’t happen to fit the guidelines (pre-existing, doesn’t get to the $300 mark, etc) then you can submit those bills as a special prayer need. The guidelines are written in such a way to make it easier to get the necessary treatments, not harder. Your doctor doesn’t have to beg for permission to treat you (which wastes a ton of time and makes your doctor want to quit his job), and you don’t have to worry about rejection. Samaritan is like a warm blanket. Supportive, helpful, and always fulfilling the laws of Christ. I feel so bolstered every time I talk to them.

In this incredibly unstable time in the health care industry I encourage you to examine HCSMs as an option to insurance companies. As far as I’m concerned they are a far better solution for us, but only you can decide that for your family.

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I have a question regarding Samaritan Ministries and the previous Health Savings Account we had with our insurance company.
Even though we no longer have a traditional insurance policy, will our Samaritan Ministries plan qualify as an account that we can keep our HSA attached to?

Hi Nonda. Not yet. Ministry plans don’t count toward HSA requirements. Several accountants haves said you can still use the money you have in an HSA, but future contributions wouldn’t be tax deductible. You’d want to check with your accountant to be sure (and possibly your HSA administrator). There is legislation presented to make it so ministry members could use HSA’s, and while prospects for this are bright nothing has been officially passed in Congress yet. Thanks for asking!

My husband and I would love to join your ministry. We agree with everything you stand for and believe this is the best option for healthcare needs. There is one thing in your statement of faith where we have a differing belief. We do not believe that every born again child of God is in the church. We do believe that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Would this keep us from joining? We just want to be completely honest and aboveboard.. Thank You

Hi Judy. Members do have to agree with the statement of faith, and Samaritan certainly wouldn’t want you to violate any tenets of your faith just to join. But I’m not sure which of the three statements would be in potential conflict, perhaps I am misunderstanding. I would suggest giving them a call to see if what you are mentioning is a concern or not, as it may not be. There are many different Christian denominations represented in the membership body and none of them are exactly the same, yet they all work. Hopefully you get an answer that is pleasing to you. God bless.

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