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Two months ago we sent our monthly share to a family in MS for their son who had been in a car accident. Today I received letters and a bookmark from them and their son thanking us for sending our share and for praying for his healing. The envelope was thick enough to need more than one stamp.

I am completely blown away. And I was moved to tears to receive it.

This kind of connection is only possible because of Samaritan membership, insurance companies cannot offer this. I find it truly wonderful to know a little bit more about what this family went through, to read their story, to have a brief status update on his healing, to see their obvious faith in Jesus and being patient for healing on His time. The letters were very heartfelt and while I have always known how wonderful Samaritan membership is and how my money is directly affecting another family, to have it land so profoundly in my mailbox in the form of a thank you letter (letters actually) was quite simply… stunning. This is REAL folks and it REALLY WORKS. Of course the money is needed, but this shows how much the cards, letters and prayers are needed, too. This is way beyond having the bills paid.

I am so happy to be part of the financial healing for this young man and his family. I am so humbled to know that our prayers were felt and well received as he heals. I am grateful to Samaritan for existing and making this beautiful engine work for the Glory of God.


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In our third month as members of Samaritan, we received a thank you card from the member we had sent our share to for the month.

I was so blown away.

Being a member of Samaritan Ministries is a qualitatively different experience than insurance.

We’ll never go back to insurance. Ever.

That is awesome! Each time our family has had a need published (mostly for maternity) we too have been blown away by the thoughtfulness of fellow members who take the time to write cards and even send baby outfits. There is one particular experience that my wife and I share frequently and that we’ll never forget. The story sadly begins with a miscarriage that we had. My wife and I were married young, had our first son 10 months after our wedding (no snarky comments here…we waited and he wasn’t late! 😉 ) and we both had hoped and dreamed to be blessed with a large family. Shortly after discovering we were pregnant with our second child, God in His Providence, ushered our little one into His presence. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t devastated. In the following weeks and months after the miscarriage, we began receiving a few shares from fellow SMI members to help with the medical bills we incurred. One of the members we received a share from was an older mother/grandmother who was very kind to us and wrote a two-page letter relaying her own story of multiple miscarriages and how God led her to trust and obey even through the valleys of life. Her letter was full of compassion, but not the gushy type. She genuinely sympathized with us but also encouraged us to remain faithful in trusting the Lord and be vigilant for what He would bring into our path next. Several months later, we were blessed to discover that we were pregnant again and began submitting bills for the new maternity need. SMI published our birth announcement in the newsletter probably 6-9 months after we received that special letter for our miscarriage need and the same member recognized our names and sent us a follow-up letter congratulating us accompanied by a baby outfit. We were so humbled and grateful for the Samaritan community and like you, except we were on the receiving end, we cannot imagine another health care option providing this kind of support structure where people get to practice true charity and compassion on one another. Praise the Lord for Samaritan Ministries!

John, that is incredible! To know that she recognized your names all those months later and not only sent a letter but a gift, that kind of thoughtfulness is hard to find these days. I am so thrilled to be a Samaritan member. I hope stories like these spread far and wide. Samaritan offers the full package; financial relief, yes, but also prayers and personal connections to soothe the soul and aid in the body’s healing. Praise God. 🙂

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