Special Prayer Needs Ease Members’ Extra Burdens


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I love this post on the Samaritan Ministries blog about a member (Brenda) who had an outstanding surgery bill which was largely met by those members’ contributing to her Special Prayer Need. Samaritan is the only health care sharing ministry I know that lets you submit big bills from before membership to be considered for extra giving. Samaritan also appears to be the only ministry which allows big dental bills to be shared as SPN’s. The ability to get assistance for these burdensome needs which otherwise don’t qualify for regular sharing is a big reason we love Samaritan. Our insurance company barely gave us financial help on regular bills, much less anything outside the scope of the policy. Samaritan actually gives members an avenue to get additional assistance for those non-publishable needs, it is the grace of God in action.

Every little bit helps and that’s why we love giving to Special Prayer Needs each month. Those gifts of generosity mean so much to those receiving it, even if you can only give $5… that $5, your card and your prayer can mean the world to someone suffering with that burden.  If you want you can also send your SPN donation direct to Samaritan, designated to whomever you wish, and then that donation becomes tax deductible.

You can read about Brenda’s story here: http://samaritanministries.org/members-burden-quickly-lifted-special-prayer-need/


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I’m asking for special prayer for my 3 children and myself we are in hardship at this time I have been sick and unable to work and bilks have overwhelmed me our light and power have been disconnected and we will be evicted soon please day a special prayer for my family

My prayers for you and your family, Cozette. Have you been in touch with your church to see what resources they have available to help you? I encourage you to contact them as they should be able to provide some basic assistance as well as lead you toward a longer term solution. Dear Lord, please lift up Cozette and her family and place the right people in their path who can give them the relief they need. Amen.

Hi Heather!

I just wanted to tell you thank you for your website and the information you provided. It helped me make a very informed decision, and I’m very excited to start this new journey “insurance free.” 🙂

By the way, I used your name as a Referral. Thank you for paying it forward! I hope I get that opportunity too!

Again, thank you for taking the time for creating this site.

Congratulations on becoming insurance free! 🙂 Thank you for listing me as a referral, we are enjoying paying it forward every month. I’m glad the site was helpful to you, health care sharing through Samaritan is one of my favorite topics. I hope you get the opportunity to share Samaritan with your friends and family and keep the good news going! 🙂

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