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The comedy that is Obamacare is tragically funny. If it wasn’t hurting millions of Americans it would be downright hysterical how this law is being mishandled. But it is hurting millions of people and that isn’t even close to funny. In fact, it’s outrageous. American’s thrive on the freedom of choice. There are counties on the healthcare.gov website which only have one provider as an option. There are some counties who don’t have a participating hospital within 60 miles even though perfectly good hospitals are much closer. People are hurting. Their ability to choose the doctors, plans and practices which best fit their family is being stripped away and replaced by what the government and insurance companies think we need. It’s wrong. It’s not the American way.

Samaritan Ministries (and the other healthcare sharing ministries) are a great alternative to Obamacare. If you’re a Christian who doesn’t want to support unbiblical practices, or you just want the ability to choose your own doctor again, I strongly encourage you to evaluate one of the healthcare sharing ministries available. What about the Obamacare fine for not having regular insurance? It doesn’t apply here. Members of certain HCSMs (including Samaritan Ministries) are exempt from the ACA penalties. Pure freedom to choose. Get back control of your healthcare and don’t let insurance companies or the government dictate how you take care of yourself. If you’re not sure what Samaritan is and how it can help you, read through this website starting with the pages listed on the right. There’s a lot of great information and more than 29,000 households (close to 100,000 people and growing rapidly) are happily covering each others medical needs and paying much less per month than many ACA insurance plans.

You can have your membership with Samaritan start the same day they receive your application so you don’t have to go unprotected in 2014. Start looking into it today and awaken to a more logical way of getting your medical bills paid for.

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