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I have updated this website to reflect the new monthly share rates that were voted upon and approved by the majority of members.  I see they have also been updated at the Samaritan website . The family rate went from $370 to $405, which is about a 9% increase, and its the first increase in 2 years. Even though no one likes to have the cost increase, the fact is health care costs are rising, they are not getting cheaper. For Samaritan members to be able to keep their costs so low in this time of rapidly increase medical costs is just remarkable.

From the Samaritan website here are the new rates:

Membership Type Monthly Share
Single $180
Couple $360
Family $405
Single Parent Family
(widowed or divorced)

Any proposed increase in these amounts is presented to the members for a vote.

Young Adult Share

The monthly share is reduced when one or both of the heads of household are age 25 or younger.

Membership Type Discount Monthly Share
Single $40 $140
Couple $80 $280
Family $50 $355
Single Parent Family
(widowed or divorced)
$50 $200

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I am considering Samaritan Min for health care costs for myself and 2 children. My husband has good insurance for himself at work but to add the family is EXTREMELY expensive. Anthem is getting ready to cancel my current plan and other plans with them are also out of reach. Do you know if I would qualify as single mom with children since my husband would not be included?

Good question. You would still go on at the regular family rate of $405. The single parent rate is designed to help those who have been widowed or divorced. My suggestion is to include him with the membership anyway, and then Samaritan would share in the portion of needs that his insurance didn’t cover for him (like the copay amounts, co-insurance, etc) since those can be high even after insurance pays. I know of another family planning to do the same thing.

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