More Testimonials and Reviews from Members


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These comments were released by Samaritan during the last couple of newsletters. I love reading testimonials about why people chose Samaritan and how it’s been going for them. I thought you might enjoy them.
The Vanderwiers found that Samaritan was cheaper than their regular insurance option and also discovered the joy of sharing with others of the Christian faith.
This family had several needs over the many years they were members and Samaritan came through every time. Now they are eligible for Medicare and are planning to keep their Samaritan membership.


Also in the newsletter were some letters from members. Here are some excerpts:

“We had our first need shared and I was extremely impressed by the simplicity. It was so nice to receive so many heartfelt letters of encouragement after my son injured his finger…..” “Your staff processed our need with care and compassion. Every interaction felt personal…” – Tina in Florida

“It was such a blessing to receive notes of encouragement during my Special Prayer Need for dental bills. The gifts were a tremendous blessing.” Donna in Illinois

“I think the biggest help to my husband through all of this was the notes we received with each check. The financial part was great, of course, but the encouragement did the most. For him to realize that people he didn’t know were praying for him just blew his mind. We are so glad we chose to go with Samaritan Ministries.” Pam in Wisconsin

“I had a maternity need published, and it was an amazing experience! I have never been so excited about mail before. To know others were praying for my specific need was wonderful. This type of health care need sharing is by far the best I have ever experienced. Priase the Lord for this ministry and all its members.” Chelsey in Idaho

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