More health insurance policy cancellations coming


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In the coming weeks there will be hundreds of thousands of insurance policies cancelled by various states for not being in compliance with Obamacare. Some would say this is a relatively small number in comparison to last year’s losses and what will come late next year when the Small Business exemption expires. But if you’re the one losing your plan it still puts you in a confusing and frustrating situation. ref: Last year some non-compliant policies were granted a 1 year extension by the President. That time is about up, so all those who kept those policies are now being forced to look for new ones just like we did last year.

Don’t despair! There are solutions available. Notices about cancelled plans should be received by Nov 1. If you fall into that category, consider a health care sharing ministry! This is the ideal time to get away from the high premiums, security concerns¬†and restricted networks. Being a member of Samaritan Ministries means we don’t have to worry about high monthly costs (family share is $405), high deductibles (Samaritan has a $300 personal responsibility for needs, and even that can be wiped to zero with discounts), or confining networks (we can see any licensed doctor we want).

Word is getting out about health care sharing ministries. This is evident by the rising membership numbers. Occasionally I jump over to the facebook page and I’m seeing more references to the ministries in the comments.¬†I’m also starting to see the comments from people who are recognizing that they are paying more for medical care under insurance than they did when they were uninsured. There was a very detailed story a woman gave about her husband’s doctor visits all costing more under his new plan and he is planning to cancel it. She even said she had mentioned a health care sharing ministry to him and they may join one after they get rid of their insurance plan. They currently pay $911/month in order to pay MORE for their meds, xrays, and doctor visits. Without insurance they got discounts for all those services and it cost them less than they pay now. Imagine how great being a part of Samaritan would be for them? They could keep their self pay discounts and get help from Samaritan members for the bigger needs with a monthly expense of less than 1/2 what they pay now. Win-win!

It will be interesting to watch all the changes coming in the next couple of months, and I hope those who are affected will not have to panic long. I remember that feeling and it was awful. As members we need to get the word out so others will know there is another great option available, one that is affordable and friendly without the the headaches of insurance. Spread the word!

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