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I love being a member of Samaritan Ministries and wait patiently (more like impatiently) each month for our newsletter to see whose medical need we get to share. I love reading about how well the ministry is doing, what needs they have, praying for members who are sick, experiencing the joy of new births or the pain of loss. It was especially touching today when I read that this month’s Save to Share need was for a member in my own hometown. I knew there were other members here, which is remarkable when I think about it because the town is so small, but to actually see their name and address in print was astonishing to me. And they live about 3 blocks from a house we used to live in. I find it amazing how God works. I wasn’t aware this particular family were members, but I’m so happy to be part of the engine that will get their need entirely paid for.

Whether you are already a Samaritan member, or thinking about joining, please look at the Save to Share information if you haven’t already. This is the program which covers bills that go over $250,000. It’s not expensive and it brings peace of mind in case we have a need that large ourselves, but it also helps others who are suffering from large medical burdens. One of my special prayer needs this month was a family who wasn’t a Save to Share member and they had large cancer bills to contend with. I also sent money for them, but I sincerely hope that they become Save to Share members in case something like that appears in their future. Large cancer bills, or heart bills, or really anything could strike at anytime, and the comfort of knowing that fellow Samaritan members can step in to pay that burden is so uplifting.

I really enjoyed the newsletter this month, and plan to spend much more time reading in detail and praying for members needs I was notified about. And the only sad thing is that I have to wait an entire month to get the next one! 🙂

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