January Growth is Largest Yet


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Samaritan’s membership growth during the month of January is their largest yet, about 2 1/3 times larger than Decembers from what I can tell. The rollout of the ACA and resulting loss of affordable insurance plans as of January 1 is probably what drove a lot of people to look for other options, not to mention those who absolutely refuse to pay for abortions. As a fellow member I’m so glad these people were able to find a solution with a health care sharing ministry.

I feel so blessed every day to be a part of this ministry. The relief at knowing we aren’t contributing to abortion coverage, we’re avoiding the dangerous ACA website, we know exactly where our monthly share goes each month and what it’s specifically for, and praying for the health of fellow members is all so rewarding. There are also the many financial rewards. Every day I read another review of a member who had their need fully paid for through member shares. They routinely talk about the blessings of cards and prayers, in addition to checks in the mail. They talk about getting discounts on their bills and the satisfaction of paying everything in full within a couple of months of submitting their bills. ┬áSamaritan membership covers both a practical need and offers tremendous spiritual benefits, the likes of which I didn’t know existed outside the traditional insurance realm. I wish we had known about this sooner, but I’m also so grateful to know about it now. Thanks be to God.

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