Consider these 10 points before running to the doctor


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I believe in the American health care system, but I also believe that people are placing too much faith in it and expecting quick fixes for conditions we could better prevent or handle on our own. Good judgement is required, and modern medicine can do a lot, but it should never replace our need to properly manage our own health.

I will point you to a great article written by an MD, who admits that if everyone followed her advice she would lose money. But she felt American’s need to know these things. We would all be better off with a little more common sense, good judgement and taking better care of our own bodies instead of expecting that modern medicine will just “fix” us so there’s no need to be responsible.

You can read her article here:

As a self pay patient, and a Samaritan member, her points ring true to me. Here’s my opinion on each point.

1. Eat better, feel better, be healthier. Pretty logical.

2. Hospitals can be dangerous, but I don’t think we should be in fear of them. However, don’t treat them like a Hilton either. We shouldn’t want to stay in one longer than absolutely necessary; both because of cost and exposure to everything going on in one. I know of people who like hospital’s so much they are constantly looking for any reason to be in one. They just become a burden on the system and end up broke financially and emotionally.

3. She says annual physicals are too frequent, and while I agree that yearly is probably a bit much, I do think they are important as we age and more can start going wrong, and also if the patient has family history of issues, then closer attention should be paid to those. For many people she’s right, checking in with your every few years is usually fine. The point is, be in charge of yourself, you don’t have to go all the time just because the gov’t says, or some guideline says you should. Do what is right for YOU, based on your health and your family history.

4. A healthy gut is critical for healthy living. Agree 100 percent.

5. Reduce stress! Yup, I still need help with that.

6. Sugar is addictive and causes a multitude of problems. Agreed. I need to get off that one, too. Boy do I love sugar.

7. Exercise. Not my favorite, but definitely necessary. Gee, she’s really hitting home with these points.

8. Thriving doesn’t come from your doctor, it comes from living well. The doctor isn’t there to live your life for you.

9. Find a passion in your life and do it. I agree, those who are lucky enough to be passionate about their daily work tend to live longer, be happier and live healthier. This isn’t easy to find, and not always possible, but we should strive for it as much as possible.

10. Medical care is expensive. Um, YUP! And it’s just continuing to get out of control. So why spend more on it than we need to? I agree that we should be proactive with our health and do as much on our own so that we don’t have to over pay. There are people who have gone decades without needing medical care simply by taking care of themselves. It’s not a rule that everyone needs to see the doctor all the time. The doctor shouldn’t be a crutch. He’s there to help us when we fall, not carry us our whole lives. We should stand on our own two feet, take care of ourselves the best we can, and walk with Jesus.



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