Why Members Love Samaritan Ministries


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“I have been so blessed by the personal cards and notes of encouragement by the members helping me in my time of need. I think the best part of Samaritan is the way members address both financial and spiritual needs in a personal way. The prayers from the Samaritan staff and the members create an atmosphere of care and love that not only helped me, but also my entire family.” – Brandon in Iowa

“We are just so thankful for Samaritan Ministries! We are now able to choose our doctors! That was never possible in the past when we had insurance network restrictions. We pray that Samaritan will grow and grow nationwide.” – Jim and Kris in California

“Joyce and I are very thankful for Samaritan. Because of the faithfulness of both ministry team and members in the past, we had complete confidence that our need would be met. We saw God’s provision and timing in an amazing way. We talked with the hospital and our $32,000 bill was reduced to a reasonable $4500. An 85% discount. Yay God!” – Rick in Colorado

“We have loved being a part of SMI for the past few years. Sending out our monthly checks to other brothers and sisters in need – instead of an insurance company – has been such a rewarding experience in and of itself! Then, we had our first need arise with the maternity cost of our third child. I wondered how the need process would compare with our past expenses for childbirth. However, there has been no comparison! We have been extremely blessed by the ease of working with the SMI staff, as well as by each note and check received from our fellow members! Our family is so thankful for this health care sharing ministry.” – Bryan and Amy in California

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Insurance Still Increasing by Double Digits for Many


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News articles are reporting that some states are already seeing requests by insurance companies to raise premiums for next year by double digits again. Maryland is the first state to see it, with increases anywhere from 18% to a whopping 91%.

ref: http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-hs-insurance-rate-requests-20180507-story.html

Maryland is scrambling to come up with a reinsurance option to help offset this, but even if their plan works it will still mean a very large increase for those residents. This would be the 4th year in a row for very large increases on insurance premiums. The new tax laws removed the individual mandate for 2019, but high premiums and no mandate means that thousands more will go completely without any financial safety net should their health struggle.

Healthcare sharing ministries offer an alternative that is worth investigating. If you fear a health event without any financial protection, but can’t afford insurance premiums or don’t agree with the morality of the coverage, then consider a sharing ministry. These ministries offer a MUCH cheaper solution to the issue of health care cost management. There’s no need to walk around unprotected and in fear of the next sprained ankle or that a big event could wipe you out. Samaritan Ministries offers extremely affordable monthly share costs, and offers a logical alternative to high insurance. Members pay for their own yearly physical, but the tradeoff is not having to pay thousands per month for your premium. The costs savings are huge, but even more importantly, the emotional and spiritual support goes up 1000 fold. Members have an advocate in their corner with Samaritan Ministries. They no longer have to wade the complicated world of medical billing alone. It’s an amazing system and one that I wish everyone could experience. More and more people are joining ministries as membership to ministries overall has skyrocketed to over 1 million people. It’s no longer that odd-ball idea, it’s a fully tested and functionally successful model for more than 3 decades.

We’ve had two medical events paid for through our ministry membership. There was no high left over deductible, in fact, 100% of our bills that we turned in were covered and covered quickly. No one can say that about insurance payouts. And we had no headaches with Samaritan. They were friendly, supportive, helpful, and offered support on an emotional level that an insurance rep just cannot do. The process for submitting our bills was fast and easy online, and payments arrived less than 60 days later. We joined Samaritan more than 4 years ago and have never regretted it. I encourage everyone to look into whether join a healthcare sharing ministry could be a cost saving, and peace inducing solution for your family’s health care needs.

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Samaritan membership reaches 250,000


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Praise God, Samaritan was blessed to announce they now have 250,000 members. Considering I am several days late in repeating that announcement I’m sure they are over the 250k mark by this posting. We are so thankful to be part of Samaritan Ministries and have truly enjoyed the experiences we had with sharing needs.

Both of our needs were fully shared. No left over deductible to deal with, no scary copays. The Samaritan dashboard has a number of tools available to members find affordable healthcare and we have found the healthcarebluebook to be extremely helpful to determine what we should be paying for services. It helps us be better shoppers (when possible) and to also make informed decisions about when it may be necessary to pay more (emergencies, level of services offered, staff expertise, etc). The best news is that we’re in charge of our own care instead of an insurance company.

If you want to take back control of your health care and your health care dollars, please look into joining Samaritan Ministries. A quarter million other members can testify to the amazing benefit of this ministry and how blessed we are because of it.

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