New Videos on My Samaritan Story site


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I absolutely LOVE watching these videos of Samaritan members who have submitted needs and are telling the story of how that experience impacted them. I get to hear about their small needs, big needs, and even Special Prayer Needs and how their interactions with Samaritan staff, their doctors and then letters from members was so joyful and simple. Expensive and painful medical needs can be frightening, but these people are talking about how easy the process was, how quickly their needs were met, and how completely they felt peace knowing how Samaritan members would come through for them.

I usually check in with the My Samaritan Story website every few weeks to check on new videos and today I discovered 4 new ones I hadn’t seen yet. JOY! ūüôā I immediately watched all four.

Here is one of the newest ones; but please also go to and watch them all if you haven’t already. These are so uplifting and will help explain what these people¬†have experienced by being Samaritan members.

Heartwarming Letters from Members


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letter“Wow! I am in awe of how amazing our Lord is! What a blessing it has been to be able to prepay for the delivery of our third blessing. The notes of encouragement we received from other members were so sweet and heartfelt. Mind-blowing to know that people I may never meet (this side of glory) are praying for me and my family. God’s timing was and is perfect in every way. All I can say is, God is good. Thank you all for your prayers!” — Nathanael in South Carolina


“It is a comfort to know that when I had a medical need, I was able to pay the bill in full, because of the generosity and responsibility of fellow believers. May we glorify God with our obedience to Him!” — Michele in Idaho


“We really could not have gotten through our need with so little stress had it not been for Samaritan Ministries. We have been members for more than 10 years, and during that time had many needs published because of my late husband’s battle with leukemia. Our needs were always met, even when there was prorating. The extra money always came in. I praise the Lord, Samaritan Ministries, and all our Samaritan friends for this wonderful way of meeting needs. I also appreciated very much the prayers offered up by Samaritan staff when I talked with them on the phone.” — ClaraAnn in Pennsylvania


“We are thankful for the extra giving to our Special Prayer Need. It has definitely helped offset the cost of our dental need. God is good and provides. We are happy to be a part of such a wonderful ministry where our shares also go to help families.” — Peter in Illinois

Thank you letter from our share recipient


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Two months ago we sent our monthly share to a family in MS for their son who had been in a car accident. Today I received letters and a bookmark from them and their son thanking us for sending our share and for praying for his healing. The envelope was thick enough to need more than one stamp.

I am completely blown away. And I was moved to tears to receive it.

This kind of connection is only possible because of¬†Samaritan membership, insurance companies cannot offer this.¬†I find it truly wonderful to know a little bit more about what this family went through, to read their story, to have a brief status update on his healing, to see their obvious faith in Jesus and being patient for healing on His time. The letters were very heartfelt and while I have always known how wonderful Samaritan membership is and how¬†my money is directly affecting another family, to have it land so profoundly in my mailbox in the form of a thank you letter (letters actually) was quite simply… stunning. This is REAL folks and it REALLY WORKS. Of course the money is needed, but this shows how much the cards, letters and prayers are needed, too. This is way beyond having the bills paid.

I am so happy to be part of the financial healing for this young man and his family. I am so humbled to know that our prayers were felt and well received as he heals. I am grateful to Samaritan for existing and making this beautiful engine work for the Glory of God.