Start Needs and Submit Bills Online!


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Samaritan came out with a new feature last week, and it’s a great one!

Members can now start a need through their online dashboard account, and they can submit photos of their bills online as well! For those who love the convenience of online activity this will be a great thing and has already been very well received by the members. There are videos to walk you through the process if you need it. So far the bills must be photographed and uploaded, PDF scans are not an option. This will provide additional streamlining for those who wanted a little more speed in the need process (it should shave a couple days off each end for a bill submission). Be sure that the bills are fully itemized and include all the required information such as provider name, address, phone number, patient name, service descriptions, dates of service, cost, discounts received, and account number if available.

I will uploading bills soon for our need (husband’s surgery), and will let you know how that goes. Still waiting for one bill to arrive in the mail.

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