New Videos on My Samaritan Story site


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I absolutely LOVE watching these videos of Samaritan members who have submitted needs and are telling the story of how that experience impacted them. I get to hear about their small needs, big needs, and even Special Prayer Needs and how their interactions with Samaritan staff, their doctors and then letters from members was so joyful and simple. Expensive and painful medical needs can be frightening, but these people are talking about how easy the process was, how quickly their needs were met, and how completely they felt peace knowing how Samaritan members would come through for them.

I usually check in with the My Samaritan Story website every few weeks to check on new videos and today I discovered 4 new ones I hadn’t seen yet. JOY! 🙂 I immediately watched all four.

Here is one of the newest ones; but please also go to and watch them all if you haven’t already. These are so uplifting and will help explain what these people have experienced by being Samaritan members.

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