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letter“My sweetheart and I are so thankful for Samaritan Ministries. It is a great blessing to have others praying for us and the opportunity to pray for others. It is also a blessing to Biblically care for the needs of others and know that our shares are going to things and people that we can support, not to things which would violate our faith if we knew what insurance companies were supporting. Samaritan Ministries has kept us from being overcome by the burden of debt because of our needed surgeries. Thank you so much.” — Dexter in New York


“In the midst of having a baby it was a huge blessing to know our bills were being shared, but abundantly more important, we were greatly blessed to know so many people were lifting us and our baby up in prayer.” — Ryan in Illinois


“We have great appreciation for the trustworthiness of the Samaritan members who have helped us meet our medical expenses. My husband was more sure than I that this ministry would work reliably on our behalf, but I needed to see it to believe it! My faith in God’s provision has been greatly strengthened.” — Mary in Arkansas


“I’ve received mail from Samaritan members and have been so touched to feel their love. In particular, one letter said that their entire church was praying for me! On one envelope, a two year old child drew me a picture! All I can say about Samaritan is WOW! In addition to this, before we became Samaritan members, we had insurance with a $10,000 deductible. So if we were still with them when my heart condition occurred, I would owe the hospital $10,000! I got a good report that my heart is pumping normally and everything is good. Thank God!” — Judy in Georgia

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Thanks for your great website filled with information! We officially signed up and I gave them your name as the one who referred us!

Aww, thanks Julie! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you will love being Samaritan members! 🙂

One more benefit I just spotted with SM written in their guidelines:

If Samaritan
Ministries cannot determine whether the need
is publishable, or if you believe we are misinterpreting
the Guidelines or your circumstances,
upon your written request the need may be
submitted to a panel of seven to 13 randomly
chosen members who will review the need to
determine whether it is publishable.

I’ve made an appeal with insurance before for something I felt should have been covered and they didn’t ask the members to make the decision.

I just want to say thank you for your time and effort with this site. My husband and I are starting our own business and had to begin the process of finding insurance on our own, one of our biggest concerns with leaving traditional jobs to follow where we feel God is leading us. I’ve heard of health sharing, mainly through Dan Celia and Financial Issues, love his ministry, and done some research of my own, but your site has helped me tremendously through figuring out which ministry to choose and the many benefits to health sharing. You simplified it much like Dan Celia simplifies financials. I am now more excited about making “the switch,” and have a much better understanding. I will definitely recommend you.
Thanks so much and His abundant blessings to you for your service to Him!

Ashley, I’m so glad the site was useful to you, thank you for your kind words. 🙂 God bless and Merry Christmas!

Just stumbled upon your blog while reading about SM (we’ll be new “members” as of 12/1/15). Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so that new articles are automatically emailed my way? Thanks in advance!

Hi Christina! The sunburst graphic at the top leads you an RSS feed if you have a newsreader, but otherwise I don’t have anything setup for that. I will look into it and update this when I get it figured out. 🙂 Thanks for asking and I’m so glad you’re about to become Samaritan members! I think you’re really going to enjoy working with this ministry to get your healthcare needs shared. I have found it to be so freeing and enjoyable.

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