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“It was lovely to receive gifts and notes of encouragement. It is totally different than my experience with insurance companies! I’m so happy I made the choice to join Samaritan.” — unsigned

“My need was met; physically, financially (even during a time of prorating), and spiritually (God’s people praying). Praise the Lord!” — James and Tammy in Virginia

“We’re so thankful for the Special Prayer Need gifts we received. It was such a blessing to see God move in the hearts of members to meet our financial need.” — Rick and Angel in Alabama

“For a year and a half we were on an ACA exchange plan. It was a nightmare to get anything covered. This is my first time having a need shared and it was an amazing blessing. To receive the shares is a joy but the letters of prayer and encouragement from each member reinforces my love and faith in Jesus Christ and His body of believers. I’m so thankful that Samaritan Ministries exists.” — Christopher in Colorado

“We had submitted other needs before, but nothing as large as a pregnancy! I have to admit, I was scared about it financially panning out, but it really did! I had some anxiety about this pregnancy and prayed regularly for our son’s health and a smooth delivery. What made the difference was feeling the prayers of all of those who wrote to us. Knowing there were so many people out there praying for us brought so much peace and comfort. Thank you, Samaritan Ministries!”  – Maureen in Illionis

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