From the Members


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“In our health care system it is almost impossible to get the care you need using insurance. If I didn’t have Samaritan I would still be waiting on referrals and probably would get claims denied. I’m so blessed with Samaritan to be able to see the doctors I need in a timely manner.” – Donna in Calfornia

“I was nervous to call medical offices asking about discounts, but it was so easy! All of them were helpful, as was Healthcare Bluebook for finding good prices ahead of time. God bless you all in your work for the Lord and His sheep.” – John and Melody in Texas

“Obamacare destroyed my health insurance. An $11,000 deductible was added to this $11,000 annual premiums. This is not insurance. Praise God fo Samaritan Ministries that has met our needs. If I had stayed with insurance I’d be paying bills off for years. I will always be grateful for how God has blessed my family through Samaritan Ministries.” – Lisa in Pennsylvania

“We are so thankful to know that we can get the medical treatment we need without the fear of being out a network approved by an insurance carrier. As a result of knowing that other believers are sharing our bills, we also feel a responsibility to them not to have unnecessary tests and procedures. This has made us more aware of how we approach medical care, saving us both money and unnecessary discomfort.” – Donna in South Carolina

Member Testimonials


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I love reading testimonials from other members about their experiences using Samaritan for health care cost sharing. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

“I took a terrible fall and broke both of my wrists. As I was being wheeled into the operating room I had a moment of fear and doubt. Would it work out through Samaritan Ministries? Six months later I am done with therapy and able to write this note of praise to our great God. My need was met, the staff were kind and helpful, the website and new online need process was super easy, the support of members was amazing!” – Sandra in Illinois

“We moved to Tennessee last summer, and after getting settled in, I needed to find a new doctor. I prayed for the Lord to direct me to the right one and He did just that. My new doctor was a godly woman and so excited when I explained Samaritan to her. It wasn’t much longer and she shared with me that she had indeed signed up! It has been such a blessing to be part of Samaritan.” – Suzanne in Tennessee

“Because of Samaritan Ministries I was able to calmly walk into an ER and focus my attention on the problem at hand. I didn’t have to stress about how much everything would cost, and how on earth I would pay the bills without taking food off the table. Thank you to all of you who made health care accessible and affordable to me.” – Noel in Idaho

“The Samaritan approach to health care worked extremely well for my need. From my perspective it is far and above better than any health insurance policy out there. I was free to choose my doctor and the hospital for the surgery I needed. I negotiated a 50% discount ahead of time. This is the way it is supposed to work. Very straightforward and simple. Thank you Samaritan for allowing me to be part of this concept. I was in the hospital for only one night. At two weeks I was 90% recovered and at four weeks I’m full speed ahead 100%!” – Philip in Tennessee

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Member Thoughts


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“As I see others in my family struggling through an insurance claim, I once again thank God for Samaritan Ministries. I never worry about my need being met or spending hours on the phone trying to figure out what went wrong. This is just the practical side of Samaritan. Then there are the spiritual blessings. The kind notes are so uplifting! Knowing other Christians are praying for you lightens the burdens that come with sickness and pain. Thank You, Jesus, for touching lives through this ministry.” – Christine in Montana

“We recently submitted a need for our 9 year old son’s broken finger. It was such an awesome feeling when his face lit up after we gave him cards from complete strangers saying they were praying for him. He couldn’t understand why people he didn’t even know would do that for him. It was a great teaching moment about Jesus! We love being part of Samaritan.” – Matthew and Karen in Indiana

“Having three surgeries in three months – my shoulder and both of Dave’s knees – we were tempted to worry about the finances. We had never sent in a need before. We were so blessed when our needs were shared and every expense was paid. We’ve been able to concentrate on healing and “giving thanks in everything.” We also appreciate how kind the Samaritan staff is. We are telling our friends about it all the time.” – David and Laura in Montana.