HSA’s are closer to reality for 1 million ministry members


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A bipartisan bill has been introduced to allow health care sharing members to use HSA’s for medical expenses. There has been a bill in congress for a couple of years now, but it had stalled out. This one has a real chance of becoming law. I believe that for two reasons:

  1. Big changes are happening in the health care environment at the federal level. Good or bad, change is coming and this is the time to get an HSA bill passed.
  2. This bill has bipartisan support from the beginning. The earlier bills had many cosponsors but no oomph. I think this one can actually go the distance. Ministries aren’t small anymore and members have a lot of voting power.

This article, https://lifesciencedaily.com/stories/21268-bipartisan-bill-touts-benefits-health-savings-accounts/, talks about the bill and points out that there are now over 1 million people who are members of the various health care sharing ministries. Think about that! What was once a well kept secret is now actively used by a million people! I would say that’s for good reason. It’s affordable, logical, and an absolute joy to help fellow Christians directly with our resources (and not break the bank). Our need was shared 100%, and we loved getting the cards and prayers.

I am excited for the possibilities of this bill and pray that our leaders will have the wisdom to grant us this extra money saving measure.

Samaritan is our Rock


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With a new administration in Washington and the fate of Obamacare changing daily, I’m so happy to know we have Samaritan as our steady foundation for our family’s health care needs. We are largely insulated from the tumult that the ACA is giving people. I feel terrible for those who are being hit with high premium and deductible increases or who are even facing the loss of their coverage with providers pulling out of states. The uncertainties surrounding insurance right now is devastating for so many.

If you are in the awful predicament of having unreliable insurance options, please give health care sharing ministries a serious review. These ministries are providing an even better option than insurance for hundreds of thousands of people. If you’re already a member, tell your friends! The top 3 ministries aren’t small anymore. Samaritan is sharing over $24 million a month in needs for 225,000+ members. That’s a huge support system for those who wonder how and if it really works. The ministries have been around for decades demonstrating their stability and staying power. Members are happy, even joyful. Once upon a time the ministries used to be a best kept secret, but now it’s not hard to find someone who has either heard of one or knows someone who is a member of one.  They’re becoming quite popular and for good reason. Samaritan is affordable, logical, biblical, and fulfilling a ministry mission to bear one another’s burdens in the name of Christ. Members are happy, getting the health care they need, and not having to break the bank to do it.

For many of us now it’s no longer a case of, “is this a good idea”; it’s now a matter of “can we afford not to” and “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

I pray for the continued success of the ministries, that God will put Samaritan on the hearts of those who need something better, and for the entire health care world to bring costs under control.

Feel free to browse through this site for more information or click here to get an info packet from Samaritan.


More than 1 Million will be Hunting for New Insurance for 2017


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According to an article by Bloomberg, more than 1 million people with Obamacare insurance plans will need to shop for something else in the next few weeks as their current plans and companies are quitting in their area. Florida appears to be the most affected with over 400,000 people being abandoned by their carrier. This is happening because insurance companies are losing too much money. They’ve had enough and are getting out until something changes. Everyday I read about another group of thousands who are getting letters about their policies going away on January 1. Nebraska is one of the states affected because of Blue Cross pulling out of the exchange and severely limiting what’s available to their individual market. It’s really incredible what’s happening. The government continues to talk about how well the ACA is working to provide coverage for millions, but 2017 may actually be a year when coverage declines due to 1) lack of policy availability and 2) costs are too high. The amount of work being required of people just to find a new policy is almost a full time job until they figure it out. Right during the time of year when we should be focusing on our families and the Savior’s birth, these people are instead battling the insurance industry.

Of course I say, “why not look at a healthcare sharing ministry instead of just insurance plans?” If your goal is to save money, a ministry can almost always do that. If you want to get away from the red tape, the headaches, the constant doctor switching, the fear of losing your doctor, the nightmare of dealing with all the costs that insurance won’t pay… (breathe)… then take a look at these cost sharing ministries. Do you really want to bounce from one insurance company to another every single year? Imagine the nightmare of getting treated for something and having it drag into the new year and now a new company. Whoops! Everything you were approved for has to be approved again! You want something reliable that can be trusted. What’s better than a ministry that’s been active over 20 years, serving 200,000 plus members and a firm foundation in Christ? At this point, the history of the ACA tells me that it takes way more faith to signup for yet another insurance policy with a company that is statistically likely to abandon you in 12 months than it does to join a ministry that WANTS to help you and won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Really. Look at the big picture. People are flocking to these health care ministries in droves. They’re tired of the games played by insurance and government and they want go to back to something simple, affordable, and logical. They also get the bonus of supportive prayer, morals, and a biblical Christian base. The reasons not to join one are getting fewer every day. If you join a longstanding ministry you even avoid the tax penalties.

Take a look. Do the math. Consider whether it is right for your family. I’m betting you’ll be very glad you did! 🙂 Our family will be forever grateful for our membership with Samaritan Ministries. Tell ’em I sent you! 🙂

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