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I had never heard of planet drugs direct (, but was recently pointed to it on facebook. Another samaritan member recommended it for a low cost source of prescription drugs. It looks you can get name brand, generic, and even non prescription meds through them, including inhalers and epi pens.  They are an online Canadian pharmacy, and they have free shipping to USA addresses. Medications from Canada can offer big savings, especially if you need a name brand med that doesn’t have a generic option yet. I am only aware of this one, but I know there are others. If you happen to be getting your meds from a trusted Canadian pharmacy please post here in the comments which one it is so we can get a list going for people to consider as options.

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update: another member recommended as a great Canadian pharmacy choice they are using. It gets them basically a 67% savings with 3 months costing the same as what 1 month costs in the US for the particular medication they need.

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I am a USA Registered Pharmacist in TX. You can look up my license online. I have trouble getting fair priced
Vivelle Dot estrogen patches for my wife. the International brand is EstraDot. Many female patients over 50 do very well on this as it is a smaller patch than the generic & reliability of drug delivery through the skin is problematic on generics. Canada Drug Stop I have used for years now. Good customer service & they will price match. Their formulary is limited but I save $70/month on 1 script ! She cuts the patch in half so a 3 month supply is really 6 months. I find NW Canada pharmacy you mention to be rather obsessive how the script is written, so I avoid them, not any cheaper. Sadly it is almost impossible to talk with the Pharmacist, so you must know the clinical info yourself.
I located them on
Hope this helps. TimK Pharmacist in Charge, Dallas

Looking for any updates on Canadian Pharmacies those with personal experience

I have used northwestpharmacy about 6-8 times over the past few years, and I have never had a problem. The last time I had to pay by e-check, as they said that US credit card companies had cut them off after being pressured. This would worry a new customer, but based on my past experience I went ahead and had no problems. Be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for your meds as they ship from overseas, so plan ahead. Also, be warned: it is very difficult to find honest information about online pharmacies online. Almost impossible. It looks to me like US drug companies pay people to post comments online to make people afraid. I see posts on multiple sites that sound similar, and mostly just generic fear mongering. The fact is the meds come from reliable foreign drug companies, such as CIPLA in India, that I’ve also gotten generic meds from at my local US pharmacy. They may call your doctor to confirm your prescription, which may cause some delay up front, so if they call about a problem call them back. That just verifies to me that they are legit. I haven’t used any other online pharmacies so I can’t comment but I’d like to check them out so please post if you have any more info.

Just wondering if there is any more suggestions on Canadian Pharmacies to trust, if anyone has had good or bad experiences. Any help with the choice of pharmacy would be appreciated

Most of the Canadian pharmacies will not ship insulin, because of the temperature maintenance requirements. One I contacted said they would, but they would not accept credit cards, which made me suspicious.

Finally, I found one that seems to be a respectable company. They charge extra ($30) for the shipping, since they do it in an insulated box.

100% agreed with Mary. North West offers some really good prices. I haven’t dealt with them yet but every once in a while, I like to switch companies just to see which is the best. I’ve ordered 30caps of Albuterol Inhaler from for the first time so let’s see how that goes. I do agree though that is doing a good job overall.

I have found that offers half the medication amount for the same price (or higher) than (good products and prices (lousy customer service on almost every level). Example: I use capsules in an inhaler that, due to FDA involvement, cost over $200 cash. No generic allowed. The http://www.northwest site offers 30 capsules at quite a bit lower price, but 30 capsules is only half a month’s worth, as the standard dosage is one capsule twice daily. The canadapharmacy site offers very near the same price point for 60 capsules. Due to the unpleasant customer service experiences, I am about to switch to I will let you know!

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