A History of Samaritan Ministries


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Samaritan recently published the history of how this ministry came to be and what it went through in order to grow and become the wonderful organization it is today. Some of this history I knew from doing my research a couple of years ago, but much of it was new information to me and great to read. I’m so glad the founder pushed forward to get the ministry going even when there were a couple of bumps in the road. For instance, the founder worked for 6 years without taking any pay. That is an example of someone truly dedicated and passionate about his goals.

You can read the full history here: http://samaritanministries.org/why-samaritan/long-history/

Samaritan recently had their largest January growth in history, over 5000 new families joined that month. The ministry is growing by leaps and bounds!


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How many current families or households in USA ?

I thought I read it had crossed 60,000 households at this point (just under 200,000 people maybe?). I will see if I can get a more recent number and update this comment. Thanks for asking, I’m rather curious myself! 🙂
Update: I found out the latest count is 61,000 households, over 200,000 individuals. My guess was pretty close!

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