Samaritan membership reaches 250,000


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Praise God, Samaritan was blessed to announce they now have 250,000 members. Considering I am several days late in repeating that announcement I’m sure they are over the 250k mark by this posting. We are so thankful to be part of Samaritan Ministries and have truly enjoyed the experiences we had with sharing needs.

Both of our needs were fully shared. No left over deductible to deal with, no scary copays. The Samaritan dashboard has a number of tools available to members find affordable healthcare and we have found the healthcarebluebook to be extremely helpful to determine what we should be paying for services. It helps us be better shoppers (when possible) and to also make informed decisions about when it may be necessary to pay more (emergencies, level of services offered, staff expertise, etc). The best news is that we’re in charge of our own care instead of an insurance company.

If you want to take back control of your health care and your health care dollars, please look into joining Samaritan Ministries. A quarter million other members can testify to the amazing benefit of this ministry and how blessed we are because of it.

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Check arrived today


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The first check for the need I submitted at the end of January arrived today.

One of the bills we paid with a credit card, and since God’s timing is perfect, today is also the day I planned to pay that credit card bill, to avoid paying any interest on the balance. The money to cover it arrived in my mailbox on the same day. That means no interest needs to be paid on the credit card toward that charge.

I logged into my online Samaritan dashboard and marked that this particular share had been received. It’s such a simple process and so easy to understand. I appreciate that, a lot.

Health care is a mess folks, but I still see Samaritan Ministries as a bright spot in the darkness. Low monthly cost, discounts on the health care we need, support from the ministry and fellow members, and so many tools and resources at our fingertips to use if we need help along the way.

Praise God, my health has improved. While I still have the occasional issue, and we’re not 100% certain of the cause, the treatments I’ve been trying seem to be working. For that I am very grateful. (I’m a big wimp, pain is not something I tolerate well)

Thank you to Samaritan and the members for your prayers, and thank you for being YOU.


Member Testimonies


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“I so want to thank you all for this incredible ministry that I belong to. It is a family, and my needs are not only met, but I am lifted every time a check is received. Love is expressed, prayers are sent, and I feel enveloped in something so much bigger than just me. This world bids high for our peace of mind and anything that brings peace. Samaritan hushes that roar by the love of Christ. I am grateful, thankful and in awe. May God bless each of you as you minister to the needs of your brothers and sisters. Blessings and love to you. Your sister in Christ, Cindy”   – in Washington

“God is so good! My financial needs were met! Praise God! My spiritual needs were met, too! I was so overwhelmed by all of the encouraging notes and the prayers that were given for me. God knew that I was in a very low place, and He lifted me through my Samaritan Ministries family! I am so blessed to belong to this family. I look forward to my share every month so I will know who and how to pray. Thanks to all of you for being there for me. I pray that God will use me to bless others!” – Candy in Oregon

“When I found out about health care sharing and looked into the different ministries, one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of Samaritan was so I could send my share directly to a person – with a name! And a health need! It makes me so excited to be able to pray for a Kingdom member I don’t know and to help with their need in order to get them through a physical trial. Praise God for Samaritan Ministries’ members and all you do each month! I look forward to getting my share to see who I am blessed to pray for and help out during the month. What a blessing!!” – Cathy in California

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