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“We’ve enjoyed the privilege of sending notes of encouragement and our share to help others in time of need. When our unexpected time came, an amazing peace came over me as I lay in the hospital. I would have been so worried about the high deductible and what’s covered if we still had insurance. There was no worry with Samaritan, just peace and even an excitement to see it work. As over $90,000 in bills came, I began making calls and was blown away at how easy it was to get discounts. In the end we got 80 percent off our total bills! Before each call, I asked God for guidance and the words to say. What a blessing it was when the notes and shares came my way. I couldn’t wait to check the mail each day. Thank you for this ministry! What a blessing it is to be part of it.” — Perry & Dorinda, Texas

“I am very thankful to the Father for making me a part of the Body of Christ. I went through a massive heart attack, emergency surgery, by-pass surgery, and hospital rehab, then six weeks at home with 24-hour care, but because of my brothers and sisters I was never anxious for how we would pay for all of it. I was not entangled in any mind-boggling paperwork. I didn’t have to communicate with any difficult people. I was told by the hospital that because of the “non-interference from an insurance company” I was receiving the best of care. My nurse said insurance requirements are often very restricting. My 10 days of in-hospital rehab were completely written off as a charity. They said it was because of no complication of insurance that they were able to do this. The Body of Christ is beautiful! My Father’s care for me is limitless. I hope that the Father will enable me to share this wonderful feeling of meeting needs with others. I am surely blessed as a child of the Living God!” — Clarence & Heather, Georgia

“We are thankful for Samaritan and all the members who prayed with us during Harry’s adventure back to health. We’ve never been excited about paying medical bills, but we were overwhelmed at the opportunities to save money by paying cash. This brought us a sense of stewardship and comradery. Now more than ever, we look forward to sending our share and understand the power of a simple note of kindness and prayer.” Harry & Sherry, Oregon

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