Open Enrollment Ends-You can Still Join Samaritan


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Open enrollment was only 6 weeks this year, from Nov 1-Dec 15, 2017. That’s half the time allotted in previous years. If you still need “coverage” and aren’t sure what to do, never fear! You can join Samaritan anytime, there is no enrollment date restriction to join a health sharing ministry.

For so many the costs associated with the insurance plan options for 2018 were just too high. Premiums, deductibles and out of pocket network costs had bloomed out of control in many parts of the country. If cost wasn’t a factor, then restricted networks and frustrating processes probably were. For many people this year it was time to say, “enough is enough.” There’s only so much we can bear on our own.

Enter Samaritan Ministries.

As a member of Samaritan you are asked to bear very small expenses on your own, and have your brothers and sisters come along side to help share the burden of bigger costs. It’s a weight off your shoulders to know you aren’t restricted by a network, you have member support when you need it, and there isn’t an insurance board of directors making decisions about your health care and whether the decisions made by you and your doctor are acceptable to them. Samaritan removes all that stress.

I am still amazed at how we have so blindly accepted the all the struggles that insurance policies bring to our lives as “normal.” It shouldn’t be normal to owe tens of thousands of dollars even after insurance has paid. It shouldn’t be normal to have a life saving or improving procedure denied by executives. It shouldn’t be normal to be buried in paperwork and long phone calls hoping to get some measure of relief from all the bureaucratic red tape.

Fortunately none of that is part of Samaritan’s normal.

If you long for something better, less stressful, less expensive, and Christ centered then please give Samaritan a look. This blog has tons of information and resources for you, plus you can get a free online information packet from Samaritan themselves by clicking here. It may just be the thing that makes your 2018 year the best and brightest ever!


From the Members


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“In our health care system it is almost impossible to get the care you need using insurance. If I didn’t have Samaritan I would still be waiting on referrals and probably would get claims denied. I’m so blessed with Samaritan to be able to see the doctors I need in a timely manner.” – Donna in Calfornia

“I was nervous to call medical offices asking about discounts, but it was so easy! All of them were helpful, as was Healthcare Bluebook for finding good prices ahead of time. God bless you all in your work for the Lord and His sheep.” – John and Melody in Texas

“Obamacare destroyed my health insurance. An $11,000 deductible was added to this $11,000 annual premiums. This is not insurance. Praise God fo Samaritan Ministries that has met our needs. If I had stayed with insurance I’d be paying bills off for years. I will always be grateful for how God has blessed my family through Samaritan Ministries.” – Lisa in Pennsylvania

“We are so thankful to know that we can get the medical treatment we need without the fear of being out a network approved by an insurance carrier. As a result of knowing that other believers are sharing our bills, we also feel a responsibility to them not to have unnecessary tests and procedures. This has made us more aware of how we approach medical care, saving us both money and unnecessary discomfort.” – Donna in South Carolina

5% Share Reduction for December


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The December sharing amounts have been sent and members received a 5% reduction in what they send for the month of December. This happens whenever the needs are lower than the amount of money available. When less is needed members get a reduction and get to keep the difference, or they can choose to send it on for special prayer needs, or go out to dinner, basically whatever they want! 🙂

I love that Samaritan does this, it’s the only ministry to have such a policy. And we all know insurance doesn’t reduce our monthly premiums! Samaritan has had share reductions several times over the past couple of years.

Also, don’t forget that online sharing has been made available using through our Samaritan dashboard. The more members who signup to accept online payments the more this feature will be available to those who want to send their shares online.