Samaritan offers savings and stability during ACA uncertainty


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I have been watching the ACA turmoil in Washington with fascination. Congress is having trouble figuring out what to do about the ACA. Repeal, replace, do nothing? Vote after vote nothing really gets accomplished. Maybe something will change in the future, maybe not. All the confusion has left insurance customers in a scary mess. Insurance companies don’t know if subsidies will still be sent, and as a result insurance rates are skyrocketing even higher than the already big increases planned. Many insurance companies are outright stopping services in many counties and states. Nevada has several counties with ZERO ACA insurance options. Nada. Zip. Nebraska currently has zero companies offering individual plans. There is one company (Medica) trying to get through the paperwork required to fill the gap in Nebraska, but it’s not finalized yet, and early notices from agents promise that the rates will be just as high as what we had before (assuming everything gets filed in time), which was pretty much a budget breaker for most people. And Medica isn’t even sure they can handle the influx of customers who have now been left with nothing. That’s a scary thought.

Once again, I am reminded how blessed I feel to have Samaritan Ministries in my corner. God showed us this was the path for us and it has saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years, and now we watch the turmoil of the ACA with sadness for our friends, but grateful for the solution we enjoy so much.

Health care sharing ministries are no longer a secret. They are growing by leaps and bounds and Samaritan now has a bigger membership than many insurance companies. There are a million people who are now part of a health care sharing ministry, Samaritan or otherwise. Think about that. It’s a huge number, and one that clearly reflects that people are seeking something better for themselves and their families. They need something affordable that can be trusted to help in times of need. That’s all we’re really asking for. Members want to pay their fair share, but we need assistance when the bills become too big or when a surprise medical event appears. They want to contribute to a group of believers who prefer simplicity, affordability, and support for their fellow man.

If you’re shocked by the high insurance rates or left out in the cold with no or few insurance choices, there is an answer. You can walk away from the insurance world and still get the protection you need for your unexpected medical expenses. Look into Samaritan Ministries. It’s ACA exempt, no fines, and you will find that it gives your budget a break and your peace of mind a healthy boost. 🙂 You would be joining the ranks of a million other people who have also chosen a health care sharing ministry.

Many people are getting letters from their insurance companies now telling them coverage is no longer available. Some are being forced to change plans or companies for the 5th time. If you’re in that boat it’s time to change to something that is stable, affordable, and so supportive. You’ll be amazed at how easy the process is.

What if you have nothing currently and are tired of feeling like you’re living on the edge, just one medical event away from a financial disaster? There were 8 million people who paid the ACA fine in 2016 for not having insurance compared to 1 million people who are ministry members and didn’t pay a fine. Many of those ministry members had medical needs and were able to rely on the support of the members to get those bills paid for. No financial disasters. Just healing and prayers and paid bills. It works. It’s affordable. There’s no contract, but it’s something we can believe in and the ministries have 30 years of success behind them. Time tested, personally tested, and highly recommended. If you are ok with paying for your own checkups in order to have only a $300 “deductible” that can be reduced to $0 and an affordable monthly “premium” then this is something you should investigate.

Member Thoughts


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“As I see others in my family struggling through an insurance claim, I once again thank God for Samaritan Ministries. I never worry about my need being met or spending hours on the phone trying to figure out what went wrong. This is just the practical side of Samaritan. Then there are the spiritual blessings. The kind notes are so uplifting! Knowing other Christians are praying for you lightens the burdens that come with sickness and pain. Thank You, Jesus, for touching lives through this ministry.” – Christine in Montana

“We recently submitted a need for our 9 year old son’s broken finger. It was such an awesome feeling when his face lit up after we gave him cards from complete strangers saying they were praying for him. He couldn’t understand why people he didn’t even know would do that for him. It was a great teaching moment about Jesus! We love being part of Samaritan.” – Matthew and Karen in Indiana

“Having three surgeries in three months – my shoulder and both of Dave’s knees – we were tempted to worry about the finances. We had never sent in a need before. We were so blessed when our needs were shared and every expense was paid. We’ve been able to concentrate on healing and “giving thanks in everything.” We also appreciate how kind the Samaritan staff is. We are telling our friends about it all the time.” – David and Laura in Montana.