Connect to other members in the dashboard


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Samaritan members have a way to connect to other members inside their online membership dashboard. It’s called Member Connect, and it’s basically a private forum for members to discuss a variety of topics regarding their membership including general membership discussions, health and nutrition, medical providers, medical issues, and prayer requests. It’s a great resource for those who are looking for a way to get questions answered from other members. I’ve gone through several of the threads are members responses are very helpful with the different experiences they’ve had, suggestions, medical resources, tips and advice, and even just “what do you think about this?” kind of topics. It’s not a giant forum yet as it’s relatively new, but I expect that it will grow significantly.

I love forums and have a feeling I’ll be bouncing into that one a lot. 🙂 Thank you Samaritan Ministries!

HSA’s are closer to reality for 1 million ministry members


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A bipartisan bill has been introduced to allow health care sharing members to use HSA’s for medical expenses. There has been a bill in congress for a couple of years now, but it had stalled out. This one has a real chance of becoming law. I believe that for two reasons:

  1. Big changes are happening in the health care environment at the federal level. Good or bad, change is coming and this is the time to get an HSA bill passed.
  2. This bill has bipartisan support from the beginning. The earlier bills had many cosponsors but no oomph. I think this one can actually go the distance. Ministries aren’t small anymore and members have a lot of voting power.

This article,, talks about the bill and points out that there are now over 1 million people who are members of the various health care sharing ministries. Think about that! What was once a well kept secret is now actively used by a million people! I would say that’s for good reason. It’s affordable, logical, and an absolute joy to help fellow Christians directly with our resources (and not break the bank). Our need was shared 100%, and we loved getting the cards and prayers.

I am excited for the possibilities of this bill and pray that our leaders will have the wisdom to grant us this extra money saving measure.