Alternatives to EpiPen Soaring Prices


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Our family is fortunate not to need EpiPens, but we have relatives who do and the soaring cost of this life saving medicine is outrageous. It appears to be a greed grab by the drug company, although I’m sure they have expenses, I am appalled at how they seem to be taking advantage of people who desperately need this medication. If you are a cash pay customer then finding an affordable solution is critical.

My favorite discount drug site has an article about how to get epipens for less, including a couple of other brand and generic options that are significantly cheaper. Goodrx has  coupons to make these options cost about $142 instead of $600 for EpiPen. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist if Adrenaclick, and its generic epinephrin are acceptable and safe for your family. If they are, this may be a great way to keep costs lower. Localized shortages may occur as people find out about the cheaper cost option.

The article also points out an income based discount program offered by the drug manufacturer, which could work for many. You can read more about the options they present and get access to the coupon through this blog link: and also good information is at this link: and


Update: Public outcry has caused Mylan Pharmaceuticals to cut the price of epipens in 1/2 with a $300 discount card for those paying full price. Of course, the full rate will likely still be charged to the insurance companies, and the resulting $300 pricetag for cash customers is still too high. Bloomberg reports that the medicine inside costs $1, yet customers are being charged $300-$600. Public and congressional pressure to lower the cost created the reduction, I’m hopeful that more reductions will come soon or that the other options will boost production to ensure the availability of Adrenaclick and epinephrin for those who are able to use it. I’ve also heard that using a syringe and injecting the medication is an even cheaper option, but it’s not quite as simple as the auto injectors so talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if that’s an option for you and your family. Also verify whether it is as effective as in those situations time is of the essence and you need to be sure it’s going to work quickly.


Update 2: Americans are turning to Canadian pharmacies to order their epipens with huge savings as a result. Other Samaritan members reported these as options.,, and Please do your homework to determine if these are good options for your family. Here’s a link to an article from a Canadian news source regarding the issue.