More Pictures of Samaritan Sharing in Action


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I love seeing pictures of all the cards and letters members get when their need is being shared. It’s so affirming to know the concept works in real life for real people. Of course I know it works, but wow do I love seeing these photos. I’ve included a few more that I’ve seen lately so you can also get the benefit of seeing the sharing in action!

Picture of envelopes in mailbox from receiving Samaritan shares

This one is from the Wilder family on Facebook. More than 330 families shared in his wife’s cancer need. WOW.


Samaritan sharing cards and letters

This is from Julie on FB, who received shares after the birth of a baby. I like the cute baby one with the safety pins. 🙂


More handwritten notes and cards from Samaritan members

This one is from Crystal on FB, who had a need shared and loved getting the notes along with their shares.

I just absolutely love seeing these pictures. So much caring from fellow Christians, and more confirmation that the process works. SO thankful to be a part of Samaritan!