Member Letter Time!


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letter“I thank God for this wonderful ministry I participate in. The abundant support, prayers and encouragement from fellow members and staff alike have been life changing. It is such a blessing to have my financial needs met, which contributed to a stress free recovery. My healing has gone beyond what surgeons said was possible, a testament to answered prayers.” — Jean in Texas

“We shed so many tears when we read the cards and letters that have come in from members with their shares. Many times those blessings meant more to us than the money that pays for the doctors. We kept several that are so important to us on the inside of the front door, reminding us how God’s people share in our burdens.” — Roger and Kim in Kansas.

“Like I’m sure a lot of other folks do, I sat staring at the checkbook and thought, “Ok, Lord, I don’t have enough to cover these bills.” I went to the mail and had special gifts from nine families in nine different states. AS I read the notes of encouragement, I was moved. Thank you, Samaritan, for this very effective ministry.” – Tom in Montana

“I was not prepared to hear that I could have skin cancer, especially being a few months pregnant. I certainly felt weak in my faith at that moment. But when the letters of prayer and encouragement started coming, I felt so amazingly blessed to be a part of the Body of Christ. The sincerity of the members’ notes and their generosity helped to strengthen my faith, reminding me that we are family in Christ no matter the distance. I praise God that all the cancerous tissue was removed, but more so give Him thanks for the love and kindness I received through this ministry.” – Tawny Haithcock