Scheduled our annual blood draw


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Every year my husband and I get a comprehensive blood panel done through our county health fair. It’s done at our local clinic and then we pick up the results a couple of weeks later at the local health fair. The results are also sent to our doctors. It’s way cheaper doing it this way, and in addition to the usual test results we can also get the PSA for him and A1C information if we want. Last year it was $45/each for the blood work, plus $20 or $25 for his PSA. If we were to do this during a checkup appointment it would cost at least a couple of hundred dollars each. This is a “don’t miss it” appointment for us because it’s only offered once a year in our area and paying hundreds more during regular clinic times is too much. We even adjust travel plans and other appointments accordingly. Do not miss the blood draw. It’s a bit difficult for me though, as I really don’t like needle pokes. I even have to lie down when it’s done because I get lightheaded. Just a big wimp, I guess. 🙂

If you have something like this in your area I highly recommend it. Ask your local clinic if something like this is available at reduced cost, and how to take advantage of it. We’ve been doing it for years, even before we joined Samaritan. It’s cash out of pocket, no insurance is taken, no headaches for them or us. I find it to be a wonderful low cost way to keep tabs on our health. I’m excited to see my results this year as I have become quite focused on eating healthy and cutting out the junk food using the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I’ve lost 17 lbs, feel better, sleep better and am sure I’m much healthier on the inside. I have even managed to avoid the usual onslaught of winter illnesses this year. I love how well the plan has worked and I’m not hungry all the time. I think I finally found something that works for me and will be sustainable long term. Being part of Samaritan additionally motivates me toward better health; for myself, my family and to help keep Samaritan sharing costs down.

Here’s to a healthy happy new year!