Open Enrollment Begins Nov 1


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Open enrollment for ACA insurance plans begins Nov 1, and that also marks a time when people who have been learning about how crazy expensive their policy is going to be for next year decide to drop it in favor of something else. Sometimes that “something else” is a different policy with an even higher deductible (trying to get a lower premium), but since even those lower premium options are still often a budget buster, please consider a health care sharing ministry. Some of you may already have started receiving letters from your insurance companies about what the changes will be. They will be trickling in over the next couple of months. Keep doing your research and running those numbers, pros and cons. It’s not just about all the money you can save, it’s also about the non financial benefits. Samaritan has always said that health care is about more than healing and paying bills. It’s about spiritual care and emotional care, too. Health care sharing is the total package.

November will mark 2 years of our membership with Samaritan and we are still very, very happy with it.

I continue to read wonderful reviews by members who have had their needs entirely shared (they sometimes compare it to what they would have paid with their old deductible and are blown away), and who dearly cherish the cards and letters from members who sent those shares. I am still hearing how happy people are with how Samaritan operates and the joy they get from sending their share to others.

I know health care sharing isn’t a perfect solution for everyone, but I also know that it is a great fit for many thousands of people and you could be one of them. The ability to pay less, get even better “coverage” in my opinion and know that your dollars are not supporting something you don’t need and/or disagree with is such a relief. It’s a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s different. Yes, we have a more involved role in our own health care, but isn’t that how it should be? Shouldn’t we be motivated to ask more questions about what the treatment is, why we need it and how much it costs? Being part of Samaritan gives us that control back. There’s no battle with an insurance company, no corporation to fight, no asking permission for everything you medically need. You get incredible support from a team of people who above all want to serve Christ by helping others pay their medical bills. What better foundation could their be?

Open enrollment is a busy time for everyone in the health care industry. I suggest doing as much early research as you can to give yourself a head start making this very important decision for the upcoming year. And if you are so inclined to join a health sharing ministry now, by all means! Do so! 🙂

As soon as I am able to run comparison quotes of our Samaritan share vs various insurance plans available in our state I will post those to this site.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing how much money Samaritan saves us each year. Thanks be to God for showing us this path. 🙂

More Fun Member Letters


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letter“We joined Samaritan Ministries knowing that we had my surgery scheduled, and that it would not be publishable because my condition existed before we became members. When all the of bills finally came in, the cost was much more than the hospital had quoted us (like $7000 more!). In God’s goodness, we had 61% of our total bill eliminated after we applied for a financial assistance program through the hospital. Then came the beautiful answer to prayer that the SMI members were to us after submitting the remaining costs as a Special Prayer Need – seeing the Body of Christ from across the country give out of the kindess of their hearts to us, strangers to them. And the notes of Scripture, prayer and encouragement, what a blessing! We are so happy to be part of SMI.” — Paul and Amber in Wyoming


“What can I say? This ministry has blessed us beyond words! We used to have insurance and would never meet our deductible. Thank you so much for blessing our family of boys, who seem to be often injured!” — Tim and Melanie in Wyoming


“Praise the Lord, our first baby was born this past October and is healthy. Samaritan Ministries published virtually all of our expenses with the exception of a portion that was prorated at that time. Even with that, we later received a check from Samaritan’s Member Assistance fund which took care of the rest. The notes we have received have been very encouraging and supportive. The staff is kind, helpful, and easy to reach. All of these things are praiseworthy, and for our family, we are happy to participate in this Christian medical cost-sharing program over any insurance company. We feel more able to focus on this new and important adventure as parents rather than in tedious insurance costs, paperwork, automated phone services, etc.” — Christopher and Kristina in Florida