Letters from Members to Samaritan


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letter“Our daughter responded well to antibiotics and recovered quickly from pneumonia. The shares we received met the financial need, but the notes attached were precious to us. It is humbling to know God’s people have been lifting our family up in prayer. We shared the notes with her and our other five children as proof that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16). We feel blessed to have been on the receiving end.” Stephanie in Wyoming


“It is an honor to be part of this sharing ministry. I tell people about how wonderful it is on a regular basis. All of my needs have been met and the bills are paid. Thank you Samaritan members and Samaritan Ministries. This is the way all health needs should be met. This is the standard.” Charles in Tennessee


“My wife and I have found Samaritan to be an answer to our prayers in many ways. We feel blessed that we can help others who have medical bills each month. We feel blessed that we are usually in good health, but unfortunately have found ourselves with needs also. I was blessed that I was able to have cataract surgery and that it was successful, and now I can see so much better. I thank God for having His hands on me during the surgery, and I thank Him for the help from others.” Frank in Colorado

Tax penalties going up in 2015, joining Samaritan Ministries can help


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The fine / penalty in 2015 for not having health insurance goes up to $325 per person, or 2% of your income, whichever is higher. That is quite a bit more than last year’s $95 minimum penalty. As a result, families who can’t afford coverage (even with subsidies), those who don’t want to take subsidies or be forced onto Medicaid, or don’t want to pay for unnecessary and/or immoral coverage (like abortion) are turning more and more to other options. There are many ways to be exempt from the tax penalties, and I think the easiest one which also provides you with a tremendous safety net is joining a health care sharing ministry. Qualifying ministries are 100% exempt so joining one means you don’t pay the fine for the months of your membership.

The good news is you can join a health care ministry anytime during the year. There is no enrollment period, they are always available.

The healthcare law has helped some and hurt others. While I’m glad some people are getting the help they need, I think there was a better way, and I am saddened for those who are experiencing the shock of crazy premium prices and high deductibles; those who feel as though they are left with no options (that was our family for a time). I am thankful every day that these healthcare ministries exist and are exempt from the fines. It’s a God thing for sure. My relief at knowing we are protected from overwhelming expenses and can share in the needs of other Christians, while avoiding the financially crushing weight of health insurance premiums… well, my thankfulness is boundless.

I watch with fascination and joy as the enrollment climbs for these healthcare ministries. I rejoice that a Christian solution so logical and so supportive is being accepted by so many. I love that they are built on a foundation of Christ, it’s a rock in the sea of turmoil that is happening around the globe.

My husband and I love to tell others about Samaritan Ministries and the great solution it provides. It’s amazing all the different ways that conversation can come up. Since we are self employed people want to know what we’re doing and how we’re managing the expenses. It’s so great to tell them our solution is not expensive and makes us even more protected than we were before. People are curious, interested, and they are not turning away. There are some who aren’t aware of the limited enrollment times for insurance. They aren’t aware that without a qualifying event the insurance doors have closed until November 1st, 2015 (although a special period for anyone subject to the fine has now been opened from Mar 15-Apr 30). It’s so nice to tell them that they can join Samaritan anytime. With Samaritan there are no games, no random time periods, no broken websites, no lost data to worry about. Samaritan is simple, supportive, Christian, easy to understand, and their staff is quick to the phones and so happy to help. They have been everything I wanted my insurance to be, but wasn’t. I thank the Lord for leading us to this path.

How to Fill out Tax Forms as a Health Care Sharing Member


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If you are a member of a health care sharing ministry you probably already know that you are exempt from the ACA fines for not having health insurance, but maybe you’re a tad unsure how to do the tax paperwork. Samaritan has made a great little instructional video to guide you both with the paper method and software preparations. It’s very very easy, and seeing it stepped out for you should help a lot.  Here’s a link to the video on Samaritan’s blog.


On a side note: our family has filed our taxes already, and our tax preparer said ours was one of the easiest he’s done all season when it comes to the health insurance portion. We just filled out the one page listing our exemption. Easy. But so many of his clients had multiple pages of forms to manage because of varying combinations of coverage. For example, several families have had the kids on Medicaid, one parent had employer coverage, and the other had nothing (because they couldn’t afford to add anyone to the employer plan)… he said that situation produces multiple pages of forms and he didn’t appreciate being a policeman regarding health insurance. It was interesting to hear his side of it. That didn’t even cover the frustration of his clients who had to pay back subsidies or were getting blindsided by penalties. He was not enjoying this tax season at all. When he saw how easy our health care exemption form he seemed quite pleased.

I would consider the ease of the tax prep regarding health care “coverage” to be a definite perk of being a Samaritan Ministries member. Of course I’d rather not have to report it at all, but since it is the law at least the method for ministry members is simple.