Letters of Thanks


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Here are more letters written by Samaritan members to show what the ministry means to them. Enjoy!


letter“It is a huge relief to know that the medical bills for our son’s birth will not be a burden of debt over us. God has provided with a healthy, perfect son and family in Christ that we can share him with. Thanks and blessing to all who helped in our financial burden through Samaritan Ministries.” Betty Jo in Colorado


“Through my surgery a few months ago and then my husbands emergency surgery last month, it was such a blessing and relief to have our medical bills shared. The encouraging notes were also a big blessing. What a great example this ministry is of the Body of Christ serving and living each other in Jesus’ Name.” Julie in Indiana


“I was very stressed about paying the doctors for my pregnancy and delivery. I wasn’t sure how it would work having my need shared, but everything went smoothly. I was very much relieved to learn that maternity bills can be shared before the birth. I’ll be able to have almost everything paid for before my baby girl even gets here.” Danielle in North Carolina


“There aren’t really words that can express the joy that has come at watching my 12 year old race to the mailbox everyday to see if a card came for her. The notes of encouragement were such a joy for her. The fact that Christians she has never met have prayed for her has expanded her world and grown her faith. We are richly blessed through Samaritan Ministries.” Thomas in South Carolina


Share Reduction – 3rd month in a row


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Great news, monthly shares with Samaritan have now been reduced for a 3rd month in a row. This time it was an 8% reduction. Praise the Lord! For us that means a savings of over $32. You’ve got to feel good about a ministry that does what it says and gives the surplus back to its members. Congratulations to all Samaritan members and thanks to those who helped make this possible through discounts and good health.