Another member referral, more special prayer needs


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We got another member referral discount for our June share, and I can also see through our online Samaritan account that one of the special prayer needs on our list is for someone I know in our hometown. I will definitely be giving extra to her special prayer need, as well as more needs on the back on our list. We get to boost our giving this month since we got a referral discount. We don’t have our June newsletter yet, but it should be coming in the mail soon. I just love how I can look in my online account to see where my share money for the upcoming month is going (a woman with a hand injury receives our share and prayers this month). I LOVE that I can lift these people up in prayer, help them financially in a very real way and participate in a ministry that truly helps others with their health care needs on so many levels.

We received our voting letter a couple weeks ago and I’ll reveal that we voted *yes* to increase the shares. We didn’t have to take very long to consider our voting preference. The suggested share increase isn’t very much, our family is personally able to handle it without a burden to our budget, and while I like how well the prorating is managed by Samaritan, I would rather it not be necessary in the first place. Health care costs are rising, and Samaritan members are able to keep costs down enough that increases to the monthly share happen MUCH LESS often than people who have regular insurance premiums. Obviously I’d rather that an increase not be needed, but we must be realistic about what things cost for health care. I’m so proud of our members and how hard they work to keep costs lower through discounts. The low monthly share and low frequency of needed increases is a testament to how well members can keep costs in check even as the rest of the country’s insurance premiums skyrocket. Even with the new share rate (if the voting majority approve it) the monthly cost to us is still far less than we’d pay with Blue Cross AND Samaritan gives us better protections. Still a major win-win for our family. I am still curious to see how the voting majority responds, voting ends June 7 so if you’re a Samaritan member be sure to get your vote in to the main office soon! I respect those who may vote *no*, there are some members who may not easily be able to absorb even a small monthly increase. I pray for provisions from God for those families in case the increase is approved.

Looking forward to reading my June newsletter, hope it gets here soon! 🙂

Vote Coming Soon


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Samaritan members will be voting this month about whether to increase the monthly share since we had 3 months in a row which were prorated. I haven’t received my voting letter yet, but it sounds like that will be coming in the next 7-10 days. I don’t know the exact amount that is being suggested for the increase, but I think for the family share it will be just over $400/month. About a 9-10% increase, with the last increase being 2 years ago. I’m still just so amazed at how little this membership costs per month compared to our former insurance plan.

When I get my voting information I will let you know what the details are and update my website if the share increase in approved. I don’t know how other members will vote, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If it is approved by the majority then the increase would be effective with our July share.

Stay tuned for further details!