Transparent Healthcare Pricing


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Healthcare in America is probably the only industry where you are actually expected to use the services without having any idea how much those services cost. Calling ahead to ask what something costs is often met with resistance, or confusion, or lots of research time trying to figure out the answer. The more I learn about how difficult it is to call and get simple pricing information, the more infuriated I get. To that end, when I find facilities who openly list their prices for services I am overjoyed. One of my favorite is the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, who provide total cost information for a wide range of surgeries. It’s not a bait a switch practice. This is the total cost. If there is any potential of extra cost those are also clearly mentioned (for instance sometimes additional equipment is required for certain procedures but is unknown until surgery starts). I appreciate places such as these so much. As a result of their clear, fair pricing, they are very popular. This facility doesn’t take insurance, or government payments. You pay right away the fixed amount you were quoted. One number, not sixteen different bills for each doctor. It’s amazingly simple and wonderful. I can tell you, if I need a surgery I can travel for, I’m definitely going to price that surgery center in OK first. I live two states away, but I’m willing to drive it. In many cases their costs are 90% less than what big hospitals charge. There’s something grossly wrong with healthcare pricing in this country when this surgery center can make a reasonable profit charging 10% of the next guy. Wow. My hope is that more and more medical facilities will move to this model. With the drastic payment cutting by insurance and gov’t to doctors as a result of Obamacare, I suspect more and more of these places could appear on the landscape. I hope another one opens near me (and you) very soon.


Only 2 more weeks until the next newsletter!


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This is going to sound crazy, but I can hardly wait for my next Samaritan newsletter and monthly share assignment. I pay this right away when it comes, I know there’s a family who is counting on my money to cover their medical bills and I’m thrilled to send it. I love reading the updates about Samaritan, learning about members who need my prayers, and sending extra money to those with Special Prayer Needs. In this world of gimme gimme gimme and seemingly constant negativity, the Samaritan newsletter brings healing to my soul. It’s hope, it’s a way to tangibly give help and bring peace to another family. I guess that’s why this is another reason Samaritan is better than insurance. It’s more than just getting medical bills paid. It’s sharing prayers and spiritual comfort. Even before I was officially a member I felt like I was part of this community of people. It was a sensation I could almost touch, I hadn’t felt so drawn to anything like that in a long time. I am so thankful everyday for being introduced to Samaritan. Every news story about the ACA makes me shudder and then calm comes over me when I think about this ministry we’ve joined. Despite the sins and screwups I do everyday, I know that joining Samaritan was something I did RIGHT.

My trip to the pharmacy using goodrx


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I needed a prescription refilled and wanted 3 months worth so I wouldn’t have to go back to the pharmacy any sooner. I checked goodrx for the cheapest pharmacy and had my script sent there. I printed my goodrx coupon for a 3 month supply. Picked up my prescription and found out my particular generic (matching the coupon) wasn’t in stock. They had a matching formula alternative available. They ran the coupon anyway and it still worked, seamlessly transferring over to the other generic med. The price was $2 higher than the one I thought I was getting, but the coupon still worked (amazing I didn’t have to reprint for the new name), matching the price on the goodrx website (for that new drug) perfectly to the penny. It was slick as a whistle. The pharmacist didn’t blink an eye. No problem, and saved over $50 on that 3 month refill. Didn’t need to fuss with an insurance deductible or high co-pay. Goodrx to the rescue!