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We are fully into the health insurance open enrollment timeline, running from Nov 1 to Jan 31. But Samaritan doesn’t have to follow those dates, they have open enrollment all year long! This is their busiest time because so many people are making insurance changes right now and many are switching to health care sharing ministries. But if you are worried about missing a timeline for joining Samaritan, rest assured you can join anytime. You only need to allow for mail delivery time and can mark your application to begin as soon as Samaritan receives it in the mail (or you can select a specific future date). Mail is a little slower this time of year because of holiday packages, so allow 4-5 days for mail transit time if you can.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you have about the ministry. I love being a member and enjoy helping others figure out if joining is a good fit for them. When we first joined a couple of years ago I had never heard about health care sharing ministries. With all the changes resulting from the ACA I now hear about them a LOT, even when I’m not actively seeking new information. I often see them being discussed in various message boards, most of which have nothing to do with healthcare. They are becoming very popular and are growing rapidly.  I’m so glad that Samaritan prepared for that growth potential and is ready and willing to accept all the new families coming on board. Samaritan is setting new records for inquiries and new memberships. I’m sure the other ministries are as well. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know these ministries are waiting and willing to help those of us who are looking for something more affordable, moral, comforting and supportive than what the ACA offers.

Once again I am so thankful I heard about Samaritan and that joining was such a great fit for our family.

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Dear Heather,
I have been a member since Jan. 2017, and I made this decision to join based on your blog. Now I have another decision to make. I’ll be 65 in December. this year. I’ve signed up for Medicare part A ,B, & D and found a Medigap coverage. I didn’t realize I could stay with Samaritan Ministries although they did send info that I neglected to read. I understand Samaritan Ministries doesn’t include routine tests, checkups & long term prescriptions, but does Samaritan Ministries sharing include nursing home care, hospice care, or in home nursing care. Or would that be covered by Medicare part A?
What would you do when you turn 65? I’m really would like to stay with Samaritan Ministries just wondering if they could meet the older folks needs?

Hi Deb! I’m so glad the blog was helpful. There are very happy members who are using Samaritan along with Medicare. Cost can vary for the gap insurance coverage and some find that Samaritan is cheaper, plus they love it so they stick with it while also having Medicare. Samaritan is second payer, so Medicare would pay first, then Samaritan picks up anything left that meets guidelines.
The guidelines state there is hospice sharing if needed. “Hospice care services will be shared for 90 days upon prescription by a physician or certification that the person is terminally ill. Additional 90-day periods will be shared with a renewed prescription / certification subject to the per-need dollar maximum.”
In regards to nursing homes it states: Nursing home and other long-term care is not shareable. Separately-charged, non-routine medical services while in long-term care are shareable.”
In home care I believe is covered under this guideline of Visiting Nurses. “We will share up to 45 days of prescribed visiting nursing care after you are released from a hospital. The days need not be consecutive.”
I don’t know enough about what Medicare covers to say if those issues are covered under medicare, although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cover nursing homes. People generally have separate nursing home insurance for that, or use their savings. I don’t think Medicare covers much in home care either, but you’d need to check on that.
I’m far enough from 65 the rules will have changed by then, but right now I plan to stay with Samaritan and see if Medicare is still a good option. I keep hearing there’s a penalty not to have it, but I also don’t like some of its restrictions which is why I intend to keep Samaritan if I can. If I was that close to 65 I would likely get Medicare and keep Samaritan for those gap times. I would suggest speaking to someone at Samaritan to see how it works in real time with Medicare on board so you have an idea how the processes and timing might change (since Medicare would be first payer). God bless you as you work through this new step in life! 🙂

Hi! We’re enrolling in Samaritan and wanted to put you as our referral, since your website was the first that we came across that explained this ministry in detail. Do you mind emailing me your location? Apparently, there’s more than one Heather Peters in the system & Samaritan wants to make sure that the referral goes to the right person. Thanks so much!

Hi Monica. I am in Nebraska. Samaritan has been such a blessing to our family. I appreciate the referral. I also sent you an email. 🙂

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