Do you love hearing Samaritan stories? Check this out…


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Samaritan Ministries has created a new site called which has lots of videos from Samaritan members telling about their experiences. I LOVE THIS. Thank you Samaritan for creating it, it is so fun to hear how the ministry works for its members! — CHECK IT OUT!


Update: I’ve now seen 100% of the videos on this site and they are wonderful, I can’t get enough and keep checking back to see if there are any more. Some of these members have been through some really intense medical problems, and Samaritan stood with them the whole time. Through small bills and some VERY large ones, these members were supported and uplifted and financially healed. I was amazed at how many of them specifically mention how much they enjoy sending shares to real people every month, and how much the cards from other members meant to them when they had needs of their own. That personal connection each month ends up mattering as much or more than the cost savings they experience. The idea of direct sharing is at first a little surprising I’m sure, but I agree that it really touches you to know that your money is going to help a real family with a real need and you know what to pray for in regards to their healing.