More Member Reviews and Letters


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I’ve decided to start posting more of the member letters and reviews so those considering a membership will have lots of examples of how it works in real life. I know that reading testimonies helped me tremendously in my decision to take this leap away from the norm of health insurance.  Enjoy!


letter“What a blessing it has been to know our financial need would be met. But, even more so, is the reminder that people are praying for me. There is a wonderful feeling of family instead of business regarding our health care needs now. I am thankful for a ministry that puts God at the forefront.” Bonnie in Colorado


” God used these small gifts for my Special Prayer Need to really minister to me spiritually. I opened each and every one with tears, knowing that I had brothers and sisters in Christ that cared enough to help me with my bills and to pray for me. I pray that God blesses each of you for blessing me with your kindness.” Rose in Florida


” Samaritan Ministries was a miraculous Godsend during the time of my stroke. I am eternally grateful for the tremendous need you all met. It was so heartwarming to read the beautiful and thoughtful letters, children’s pictures, and to know of everyone’s prayers. The prayers carried me much further in recovery from my stroke than the doctors ever imagined. God bless you all. Keep on carrying out His miraculous work.”  William in Ohio


“The Lord has blessed us through Samaritan Ministries not only financially, but spiritually as well. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Samaritan family. The cards and prayers were extremely uplifting, and we cannot thank God and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ enough. We even received Gospel CDs, which was an answered prayer! Samaritan Ministries is not like an insurance company, praise God. It is a better way to do health care — building up families and relationships in Christ.” Corey in New Hampshire



Surprise! There is a share reduction this month


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I mentioned on the page about needs vs shares that when there are more shares than needs in a month, then a reduction in the share amount can happen. I was amazed at the idea when I first learned of it, and I’m sure some of you thought, “no way, bet that never happens.” Well, it doesn’t happen very often because medical costs are still increasing, but it did happen this month! Shares were reduced by 10% because the needs that came in for October sharing just weren’t as high and there weren’t as many as usual. I think this is a testament to our members and how well we are able to keep our costs down, through discounts, wise healthcare choices, and taking care of ourselves. It’s also a testament to the management of Samaritan and how well this ministry works for the benefit of its members.

This is just another example of how much better Samaritan is for our family compared to our old insurance. With Blue Cross our monthly amount was never reduced.

A 10% reduction on the family rate of $405 is a savings about about $40. That amount equates to dinner out with your spouse, or an extra donation to a Special Prayer Need, or more in the collection plate at church, or more toward the kids college fund. However we choose to use that extra $40 I am so thankful to be a member of Samaritan and know that all member needs are being met and we all get to enjoy the benefit of a reduction this month!

Karis steps in to help get bills reduced


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As a member of Samaritan you are considered self pay. Sometimes (usually) that means you get charged more than someone with regular insurance, which I find beyond frustrating, totally illogical and completely unfair. Fortunately members are able to ask for and receive discounts without too much trouble. But what if you meet with some resistance? What if you just don’t WANT to ask for a discount, either because you are afraid of a confrontation, or feel odd about it? Samaritan understands. It can be a new experience, especially if you haven’t ever negotiated for other purchases (like a car) or maybe just weren’t very good at it. (those car dealerships are tricky, but I think I’m getting better each time)  🙂

Fortunately, we are not on our own!! Samaritan contracts with the Karis Group to handle those negotiations for us and they are averaging about 45% off. If we are able to score a big reduction on our own, then great! Some people are getting 40-60% and more! But if not, don’t feel bad, Karis can help. If we submit a medical need to Samaritan (especially anything over $1000) we will be assigned an advisor who will work with the providers to get the bills lowered to something more reasonable. Being self pay as a Samaritan member doesn’t mean you’re on your own. It means we have an entire organization of people ready to pray with us, guide us, help us, advise us, and get bills lowered for us. Samaritan answers questions, gives reassurances, and walks with us through that entire medical need so we can get the bills paid, even if bills keep coming that we weren’t expecting.

Even when I had health insurance I was surprised at how many different bills we would get. Hospital, doctor, lab, radiologist, surgeon, visiting surgeon, the list went on. The bills didn’t always arrive at the same time.  The volume of bills doesn’t change by being a Samaritan member, but the level of support for them goes way up. I no longer have to get so frustrated at how much something costs, fearing that I’d be stuck with a huge bill either from a giant deductible or an out-of-network surprise. Now I can peacefully ask for a discount, get the best I can, and turn it over to Samaritan. If they feel more deductions are attainable then Karis will try to get them. Either way, the remaining amounts will be submitted to Samaritan members and shares will start arriving, about 30-60 days later.

Over and over again I read reviews from Samaritan members about how SIMPLE the need process is. How SUPPORTIVE Samaritan and Karis staff are. How QUICKLY shares came in and bills were able to be paid. Reading those reviews is so reassuring.

If we have a medical need, the bills are unavoidable; insurance or not. Comparing the two, I’d MUCH rather have the support of Samaritan Ministries and its members than our old insurance company. Instead of cold rules and high out of pocket costs, I have traded it for warmth, support, caring, and prayer from an organization who just wants to be sure the bills are paid and that none of us are overcharged. Samaritan strives to follow the laws of Christ. Anytime you have that as your foundation you know you’re on solid ground.